The DCL Travel Guide: Polygonal Mind HQ

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Oh, hello traveler. Didn’t see you there. How can I help? Looking for new places to visit in the metaverse? Well, you’ve come to the right place. That’s exactly what our DCL Travel Guide series is all about! We hope you were able to catch a gig at the TRU Band Room from our last article.

Today, we’ll be talking about a very different kind of place. This place is not a music room or venue…well, not exactly. The place we’re talking about today is a headquarters. No, it doesn’t belong to an evil scientist or a superhero—it’s the HQ of an artistic troupe called Polygonal Mind.

1646473510 screen shot 2022 02 25 at 2.20.51 am scaled.jpg
Polygonal Mind’s Headquarters in Decentraland.


With that said, the HQ does look kind of like it belongs to a powerful wizard or a trickster god whose favorite color is green and has a fondness for eyes. A large green cyclopean polygon (the iconic Polygonal Mind emblem) stares down at you…welcomingly…from above the massive entrance doors.


1646473518 screen shot 2022 02 25 at 3.09.53 am.jpg
Green cyclopean polygon emblem

If you enter through these golden doors, you’ll find yourself in a circular chamber with several colored portals (yet another indication of a wizard HQ-owner) which link to different spaces or projects that Polygonal Mind is a part of. You’ll also see a cool-looking POAP machine (a machine that gives you special tokens for attending events), a sign book, and two other buttons: an Exit button and the Event Area button. Which one will you choose?

The Event Area

You chose the Event Area button, didn’t you? You may have guessed that this button transports you to the event area, and it does. The event area is like a roof-top amphitheater with a large screen in front of several rows of seats (has Decentraland programmed sitting yet?) This space is perfect for live music performances, live streams, and other fun events, which they’ll often organize and are worth keeping an eye out for.

1646473523 screen shot 2022 02 25 at 3.13.04 am.jpg
Syneverse playing at Polygonal Mind event

Polygonal Mind

You’re probably wondering by now who in the world are these Polygonal people, and are they really not wizards? I guess you could say they’re tech wizards.

Polygonal Mind is a creative development studio based in Spain that specializes in building 3D spaces and architecture in the metaverse. Their arsenal of skills includes 3D modeling, game development, art production, avatar creation, and prototyping, and they’ve built virtual spaces in most popular metaverses including The Sandbox, VRChat, CryptoVoxels, and, of course, Decentraland.

In fact, if you’ve visited Decentraland, chances are you’ve stepped foot in at least one parcel touched by Polygonal Mind. They’ve built on over two-thousand pieces of land in DCL alone, including places like the Aetheria Block Museum, Boson Protocol, the Toledo Museum of Art, the Narcissus Gallery, the Signum Capital, and, of course, their own Polygonal Mind HQ!

1646473528 screen shot 2022 02 25 at 3.09.22 am.jpg
The Aetheria Block Museum in Decentraland


The best part is, these guys do a weekly event called a Metatrip, during which some of the Polygonal peeps gather with their community members and give them a tour of new and interesting places around Decentraland. This event alone makes it worth your while to visit their HQ, especially if you’re looking to make new virtual friends and explore new places in Decentraland! Currently, they do their Metatrip every Tuesday, usually from 05:00 pm to 06:00 pm UTC.

To visit their HQ, jump in here.

PS. Here’s a video that gives you a visual tour of their HQ: 


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