The DCL Travel Guide: Genesis Plaza/Holidays in Decentraland

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Welcome traveler, and thanks for stopping by! Whether you’re a seasoned DCL traveler or a new explorer wanting to jump into Decentraland, we’re glad you’re here! This article series is dedicated to you, the metaverse explorer looking for the best things to do and the best places to visit in DCL!

Throughout our DCL Travel Guide series, we’ll be covering some of the coolest, most popular spots in Decentraland and hopefully uncovering some hidden gems as well! Virtual live gigs, museum exhibitions, launch parties, game challenges, casino events, group metatrips—there’s always something exciting going on in Decentraland, and we’re here to be your travel guide.

Genesis Plaza

In Decentraland, the first place anyone steps foot in is Genesis Plaza. When you arrive in the plaza, you join the crowd of curious, slightly confused newcomers standing among the clouds in the circular courtyard, having a chat about what to do and where to go. There are a few things you can do in this plaza, like scroll through the interactive boards and browse upcoming events or check out some of the trending scenes that people are frequenting.

If you dive into the transporting waterfall portal in the center (pretty cool, right?), you’ll find yourself in a chic little cafe-bar where you’ll run into a very buff Doge roaming around. Feel free to chat with other travelers here and even serve yourself a drink if you can manage to place a mug under the tap and pour (by pressing E). You can also “chat” to the multi-tasking octopus-wearing bartender NPC (the metaverse is a crazy place, I know) for some helpful pointers and even a quest involving special concoctions and cat hair. From here you can exit the bar through the doors to continue your explorations or take the lift up to the second floor and get a very picturesque view of Decentraland.

1641924787 Screen Shot 2021 12 25 at 2.14.40 AM
Just chillin’ in the Genesis Plaza cafe/bar in Decentraland.

Christmas in Decentraland

It just so happens that we’ve kicked off our DCL Travel Guide series during the holiday season, and if you had the chance to step into Genesis Plaza around Christmas time, you may have been greeted by a friendly, though slightly-stressed elf asking for help. Upon accepting his quest, you’d have been taken to a busting winter wonderland full of challenges and fun activities and joined countless other DCLers running around like virtual headless chickens, searching for lost gifts, solving puzzles, and finding missing objects to restore the holiday cheer (and power to the Christmas tree)! 

Perhaps you were one of the jolly fellows who managed to accomplish the tasks and earn a special wearable able to be used throughout Decentraland to gain access to other holiday-themed perks and activities. Aside from this, there were snowball fights, searches for Santa, holiday parties at the Playboy Mansion, and much more!

If you wandered through other parts of Decentraland during this holiday time, you may have noticed the landscape blanketed by snow and decorated with candy canes and Christmas lights. It doesn’t get much more joyous and colorful in Decentraland than it does during the holiday season. 

1641924808 Screen Shot 2021 12 24 at 4.48.27 PM
Dress the snowman for one of the DCL Xmas quests!

A New Year in Decentraland

Christmas may be over, but there’s still the New Year’s celebration! In fact, Decentraland is hosting a super-mega awesome New Year’s Eve party to kick off 2022! MetaFest 2022 kicks off at 23:00 ET – GMT-5 on New Year’s Eve! It’ll be a night to remember (or perhaps to forget, with one too many glasses of champagne), so if you’ve been putting off exploring Decentraland, what are you waiting for? The time is now! Stay safe everyone, and have a wonderful end to 2021, and a fantastic start to 2022!

For a recap on Christmas in Decentraland, watch the video below. For more info about Decentraland’s MetaFest 2022 event, click here.


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