The Countdown to The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 Has Begun

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In what seems like an eternity since its last outing, the countdown to The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 has now begun. Fans can finally get ready for a souped up, voxelated thrill ride down a metaverse-shaped rabbit hole.

This latest outing will see The Sandbox dial its finely crafted metaverse up to heady new heights, with over 90 unique experiences taking pride of place within its intricate virtual walls. They will arrive in a flourish of anticipation at 1pm UTC on August 24 and run for 10 glorious fun-filled weeks.

During the epic event, metaverse fans can engage in a wide number of activities, such as partying with the Dogg, battling the zombie hoards, causing chaos with the Rabbids, and much more. All in all, metaverse enthusiasts will find experiences from brand new partners, The Sandbox development team, the Game Maker Fund, user-generated content and the illustrious Game Jam.

Plus, for the first time ever, The Sandbox will spice things up by incorporating 13 collections worth of avatars into proceedings, all adding up to a wild and wonderful summer filled with exceptional content of the highest calibre.

Rewards Galore!

This time around, The Sandbox will introduce a magnificent new leader board system, where participants will earn Ethos points for completing quests and challenges. Then, at the and of the beautiful long Alpha Season, the top 5,000 participants will receive a share of an eyewatering 1.5m $SAND prize pool, while the overall winner will take away an incredibly lucrative 30k $SAND!

In addition to the leader board, The Sandbox will also reward its longstanding supporters. Those holding assets for the beloved platform can earn a further quota of $SAND tokens. Therefore, owners of an Alpha Pass (500 $SAND), LAND (180 $SAND), Avatars (60 $SAND) and NFTs (30 $SAND) will all qualify for an extra bonus reward.

In order to get earning in Alpha Season 3, gamers will need a KYC’d The Sandbox account. This should hopefully keep all the bad actors at bay.

So, fire up the trusty game-station, strap yourself in, and get ready for a wild time in The Sandbox!

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