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The Cool Kidz is an NFT project distilled in art, philosophy, and the underappreciated decentralized nature of the streets. This means that the project doesn’t entertain CEOs, KYCs, whales, burning, manipulation or abusive fees, and instead, focuses on transforming the balance of power in favour of the buyer.

This is done by reversing traditional NFT roles and turning the buyer into the artist. Through ownership of a Cool Kidz Genesis NFT, they become a participatory member of a real street crew, where they will also help shape the direction of the project’s IRL guerilla marketing plan.

The Genesis NFTs 

The Cool Kidz Genesis NFT drop entails 8,000 Ethereum-based digital collectibles which serve as a passport into a real street art crew. Each is an artist-led creation which sports a to-be-revealed artistic aesthetic that is inspired by the streets. 

The NFTs come with an array of future rewards, such as eligibility to be airdropped DAO governance tokens, access to physical events, and hidden traits which will become apparent on reveal.  

Yes, they are #dark
Yes, they are #different
Yes, you can join a real street crew just by buying 1 of them 🤯

— The Cool Kidz | NFT-powered Street Crew (@TheKidzcool) May 23, 2022

The Drop

Aptly, the collection’s Public Sale takes place on July 14th at 6PM CET, which is also known as Bastille Day, the day in which the French Revolution was initiated when the frustrated people of France stormed a prison to free prisoners and take weapons. Here, the mint price will be 0.07 ETH per NFT.

The collection’s Presale Period for those on its Greenlist will take place until July 13th at 6PM CET. Here, the NFTs can be picked up for a discounted price of 0.056 ETH.

Each wallet will be able to mint a maximum of five Cool Kidz Genesis NFTs each, and the all-important reveal date of the NFTs artwork will take place on July 17th at 6PM CET. 

All Cool Kidz Genesis NFTs will be available to purchase and sell on secondary marketplace OpenSea. 

1659467408 coolkidz


2022 has already been a busy year for the project, as it secured seed funding investment, built a core team, launched its website, and finalized its mystery art in Q1. Q2 saw its crew expand even further (which will be an ongoing process), the onboarding of more underground artists, and now, the upcoming Genesis NFT mint. 

In wake of the Genesis drop, the project’s website will be upgraded, an NFT-locked community will launch, DAO tokenomics will be published, partnerships and press efforts will take place, and most importantly, NFT holders will be airdropped DAO tokens. 

Coming to the end of 2022 in Q4, an IDO and crew challenges will take place, as well as a concept reveal for the project’s second drop.


The core of the Cool Kidz team is made up of veteran street artist ‘Domi,’ crew leader ‘Amer,’ Guerrilla Marketeer ‘Funk,’ and operational commander ‘Jack’. 

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