The Associated Press Links with Polygon and Xooa for NFT Marketplace

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Independent global news outlet, The Associated Press, is launching its own NFT marketplace. The new Polygon-based platform will act as a trading hub for its award-winning photography.

This addition to the Associated Press armory will provide a spotlight for its celebrated photographers and will feature images from its 75-year history. The first NFTs will arrive on January 31st, with the full collection rolling out over several weeks, while as a non-profit news co-operative, all proceeds will go towards funding its journalism.

AP’s inaugural collection will include hard-hitting news topics as well as culturally significant world events. As such, the images will span themes such as space, war and climate, as well as spotlighting individual photographers of the highest caliber.

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Initially, interested parties can purchase the NFTs using crypto via a Metamask wallet, or using a credit card. However, The Associated Press has revealed that it will offer support to additional crypto wallets in the near future. In addition, following the initial sale, owners then have the option to trade items on the secondary market.

The new marketplace is powered by the energy-efficient Polygon Network, and built by blockchain technology firm, Xooa, and sees The Associated Press follow in the footsteps of contemporaries, CNN and TIME, who both entered into the NFT sphere last year.


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