The Art of Crypto Waves Marries Historic Data with Visual Art

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At the junction where art, data, crypto and trading meet, dwells a story of passion, elation, hope and heartbreak. A tale of steely grit that saw billions of dollars gained and lost at the whim of a digital currency. So, to celebrate this in all its glory, “The Art of Crypto Waves” has transformed these pivotal moments in crypto history into vibrant and majestic generative artworks.

The Artworks

The Art of Crypto Waves arrives in the form of 3,139 high resolution technicolour images, each encapsulating the trading patterns of the world’s most active cryptocurrencies, BTC and ETH, thereby charting the ups and downs via a mesmerizing array of colours and intensities. In celebration of the 21 million bitcoins in existence, 2,121 BTC artworks grace the collection, while the remaining 1,018 take inspiration from Ethereum charts, a gentle nod to the 10^18 WEI that make up one Ether.

Each item is imbued with a unique colour palette, vibrancy and intensity, while maintaining a tasteful and stylish design. Not only do they make for the perfect centrepiece for any living or working space, but will also certainly be a talking point for crypto enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

1642839959 crypto waves.jpg

The First Batch

Available to mint right now, the first batch of Crypto Waves features only 80 units of exceptional rarity and magnificent design. These amazing items feature the 2020-2021 period of intense crypto speculation that occurred off the back of the coronavirus pandemic.

As a result, they will potentially become some of the most valuable assets in the collection, providing collectors the optimum opportunity to acquire one-off pieces of crypto history. Each item costs 0.07 ETH and is available via the Art of Crypto Waves website.


1642839963 crypto waves2.jpg

The Roadmap

Following the initial sale of 80 units, the team will roll out the next stage of the project. This involves the addition of further BTC and ETH cycles, featuring bear markets and bull runs from key moments in trading.

There will also be a number of NFT and Ethereum giveaways over the coming months, in addition to charity donations chosen by the community and a general marketing drive. Following the full sale, they will then roll out a whole host of additional incentives, including physical items and special promotions.

1642839966 the art of crypto waves2.jpg

The Team

The Art of Crypto Waves was brought to life by a team of two dedicated professionals with a solid background in the tech industry. Accomplished data artist and crypto scientist, 288kArtScientist, leads the design side of operations, while Meta employee and full stack developer, I am on chain, manages the technical side of things, each bringing an integral skill set to the Art of Crypto Waves project, and dedicated to its future.

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