TerraZero is the first company to offer metaverse morgages

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TerraZero Technologies Inc., a vertically integrated Metaverse technology company, announces that it has completed one of the first ever ‘Metaverse Mortgages’. Moreover with one of its clients in Ethereum-based Metaverse platform Decentraland. Additionally the majority of the funding (loan) for the client’s virtual real estate acquisition was provided by TerraZero.


TerraZero offers this newly designed Metaverse Mortgage service

TerraZero now offers this newly designed Metaverse Mortgage service for its clients who wish to use the Company’s ‘Metaverse Mortgage’ loans to finance the acquisition. In addition purchase of virtual real estate (represented as a non-fungible token) by collateralizing each transaction with the underlying NFTs as digital assets.

Dan Reitzik, CEO and Founder stated that:

“TerraZero’s mission is to create and distribute tools that connect the physical and virtual worlds. A whole new economy is forming. Moreover we want to provide businesses and others with Metaverse-specific products and services that are available in the real world. Mortgages and other forms of funding will hasten the Metaverse’s development and adoption, and we’re pleased to be at the vanguard of this new and fascinating economy.”

About TerraZero Technologies Inc.

Dan Reitzik created TerraZero Technologies Inc.. A cryptocurrency and blockchain pioneer and former CEO of DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc., one of North America’s largest Bitcoin miners. Metaverse development firm TerraZero is a prominent Web 3.0 technology company with a focus on the Metaverse.

Source: https://metanews.com/terrazero-is-the-first-company-to-offer-metaverse-morgages/

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