TerraZero Complete Ambitious Real Estate Acquisition in Decentraland

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Vertically integrated metaverse technology company TerraZero Technologies has acquired a 185-parcel of virtual real estate in the Decentraland metaverse.  The plot, which was sold by renowned Decentraland entrepreneur Carl Fravel, has an estimated worth of $2,775,000, and will be used to build a major entertainment centre.

Fravel’s contribution in TerraZero’s virtual construction does not stop at his sale, as he has since been employed by the company to act as a strategic advisor. Here, Fravel will bring his expertise in metaverse operations into the growing portfolio of TerraZero’s products and services, including within the company’s creation of a metaverse studio, which will allow it to expand across the Web3 ecosystem even further. 

In regards to the upcoming TerraZero entertainment centre, the company and Fravel will work towards creating a fully holistic and immersive hub, where Decentraland users can enjoy experiences involving virtual concerts, film screenings, shopping, culture, and educational experiences.

Fravel has since commented on his new partnership with TerraZero: “The opportunities within the Metaverse of benefit to humanity are endless and I can’t wait to help support and grow TerraZero, a company whose vision, leadership and ethics I have greatly admired. I am thrilled to be a significant shareholder of TerraZero and I am excited to watch the future of the Metaverse unfold”.

In addition to its grand virtual land acquisition (which sits as one of largest real estate sales in Decentraland history), TerraZero have also bought leading NFT marketing platform BEAR NFT, which, with the aid of its metaverse studio, will diversify the company’s virtual footprint across the metaverse even more.

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Source: https://nftplazas.com/terrazero-acquisition-in-decentraland/

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