Techera – The End-to-End NFT Development Solution

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Have you got a revolutionary concept for an NFT project? But also have no idea on how to convert it from the abstract to the blockchain? This is where Techera Solutions comes in, the tech company that offers holistic, limitless, and end-to-end services for all of your project development needs. 

The company’s services cover all areas across the NFT developmental process, such as base and trait drawing and design, NFT generation, smart contracts, minting dApps, and website development, making it a pioneering, ultra-personal service that democratizes access to the wonderful technology and digital assets.

NFT Services 

Techera offer services on all technical aspects of setting up an NFT project, all whilst maintaining a paramount focus of leaving complete creative control in the hands of their clients. The company also do not require their clients to consume all of their services listed below, meaning they can simply pick and choose which areas of development they need help with.

With seemingly boundless capacities, Techera can draw, design, and create characters based on any particular specifications, with an unlimited amount of traits to be added to each collection (with many including 50-200). The NFTs can be drawn in any artistic style, such as in 3D, cartoon, pixels, or realistic, with each collection having as many NFTs as desired.

The Techera team can also design and create landing pages, websites, whitepapers, and roadmaps that cater to any of their client’s specific demands. Throughout these processes, clients will also have the ability to request an unlimited amount of revisions. 

To round off their end-to-end services, Techera offer proficient services in distributing NFTs to those who matter the most – the public. The company can facilitate the listing of NFT collections on popular NFT platforms and secondary marketplaces, as well as setting up the function for public minting to occur on the project’s website (which, if required, can include the utility of distributing the cost of gas fees onto the buyer).

The Techera team can also tend to any specific needs of project’s which are suffering with a problem throughout its development, whether that be in during a genesis or post-launch phase.

The Team Behind Techera Solutions

The Techera team is a collective of graphic designers, programmers, and web developers who specialize in building NFT projects from the ground up. All of the work is done by the diverse and global team, who is passionate about decentralization, crypto, NFTs, web3, and the metaverse.

On top of all the listed services above, the team plans to expand its repertoire of development services in the near future. 

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