Tech giants in China are seeking metaverse development

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As “metaverse” became the buzzword of 2021, Chinese tech giants are also looking for opportunities in what might be the next phase in the Internet’s evolution.

The company’s annual developers’ conference, Baidu Create 2021, took place last month in Xirang, which is its take on the metaverse.

Users must construct avatars in order to enter the digital sphere. After that, users are free to explore and interact with other avatars in a variety of ways. Including attending conferences and taking virtual tours.


The annual developers’ conference of Baidu represented China’s first event held entirely in the metaverse.

The Communication University of China (CUC) opened a virtual campus in Xirang earlier this month. Making it China’s first academic institution to do so.

Using 3D modeling, street view data, and other digital tools, the CUC digital art department reconstructed the campus. Students and guests can use VR headgear, mobile phones, and laptops to explore the virtual campus.

The tech giants Huawei and Beijing Shougang Park collaborated on a metaverse experience activity earlier this month. Users can access a new world by scanning a QR code with their cellphones in the park, where they can see a robot band perform and watch a virtual light show. AR group warfare games allow users to fully immerse themselves in a gaming experience.

The tech giant Nubia Technology set up a professional team to focus in the metaverse

Recently, ZTE subsidiary Nubia Technical Co., Ltd. announced the formation of a professional technology team focused on metaverse hardware.

NetEase and the government of Sanya, in the south China island state of Hainan, signed a strategic partnership deal last month. As part of the agreement, NetEase will establish its Hainan headquarters and create a metaverse industrial base project in Sanya.

NetEase’s founder and CEO, Ding Lei, stated in a financial report meeting last November that the company is ready for the metaverse. “When the starting pistol goes off, we might be faster than everyone else,” Ding added.

In its immersive activity system Yaotai, Netease demonstrated the metaverse’s muscles. The 16th International Symposium on Biomineralization was held in Yaotai in August, marking the debut of the immersive activity system.

Yaotai increased the sense of reality and virtual meeting immersion

During the November shopping rush last year, e-commerce behemoth Alibaba organized a “Metaverse Art Exhibition” on its Tmall/Taobao mobile app. Customers might acquire a free digital collection with the purchase of a limited-edition physical item, such as a Burberry scarf.

A digital avatar of Beethoven conducted the “metaverse symphony,” which included players playing virtual instruments incorporating brands such as the Bobbi Brown trumpet and Coca-Cola drums. These virtual products are also available for purchase by consumers.


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