Tales from the Blockchain Brings Smart Tokenized Literature to OpenSea

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So far, within the NFT realm, we’ve seen a tremendous wealth of incredible innovation. Digital masterpieces have shaken the art world, tokenized beats are revolutionizing music, video games are in the hands of the fanbase, and the collectibles market is undergoing a renaissance. The only thing missing from this incredible list of achievements is literature. Until now.

A New Form of Storytelling

Tales from the Blockchain is here to set the record straight. The project is unleashing 100 unique stories on the non-fungible public, and bringing high quality science fiction to an eager fanbase, where unlockable content restricts the readability to a close-knit community of token holders. These lucky few, then have access to an exclusive Discord channel, to discuss the themes involved.

From the Black Mirror school of storytelling, Tales from the Blockchain investigates a number of alternate realities where things didn’t go entirely to plan. Therein, intertwining science fiction narratives with gritty realism. All the while, predicting a series of potential consequences following the misuse of the currently developing technology. The result is a collection of 100 incredible short stories, each released in limited runs of 100 editions.

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The Drop

The debut tale in this incredible series is currently live on OpenSea. Therefore, “Just another day in the metaverse” marks the beginning of a new era in innovative, next-gen storytelling. The story follows the fortunes of a metaverse worker who tries to escape the shackles of digital servitude, and, the ramifications surrounding this unexpected turn of events.

Therefore, this amazing inaugural work is available in a limited run of 100 editions for just 0.01 ETH a piece. And, due to the power of the Polygon scaling solution, is devoid of gas fees. A portion of the profits will fund a buy back program in order to maintain a healthy floor price.

A second short story will follow “Just another day in the metaverse,” as soon as all 100 editions are sold, while each subsequent tale will increase in price by increments of 0.01 ETH. Therefore, the second in the series will debut at 0.02 ETH. So, the next tale, “building Cryptopia,” a story of billionaires, desert hide outs and unforeseen consequences, will arrive following the complete sale of the first book.

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The Author

Each feature comes from the incredible mind of British-Argentinian author, Enzo Chul Oretga. A gifted individual with the drive and imagination to produce gripping, entirely plausible tales of intrigue, technology and adventure. So, jump into Tales from the Blockchain, and become part of storytelling history.

Check out Tales from the Blockchain on OpenSea >> Here

Learn more via the official website >> Here

Source: https://nftplazas.com/tales-blockchain-literature-opensea/

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