SynergyLand Brings Crisp ARPG Gameplay to the Solana Blockchain

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Hunters, mages, barbarians and wizened sages gather round, a new action RPG is heading to the Solana blockchain. Synergy Lands is on the way to fill that dungeon crawler hole in the play-to-earn market.

Currently under development, SynergyLand takes the form of a highly polished, top-down action RPG, featuring multiplayer co-op where gamers wield their weapon of choice as they callously dispatch of evil foes. Or alternatively, go all PVP in the arena competing against the deadliest fighters in the real using a vast array of weapons, spells and mystic paraphernalia to get the job done. As a result, fully tradable NFT rewards are up for grabs for their in-game efforts.

SynergyLand includes several game modes to keep even the most ardent players amused, while also providing the opportunity to own in-game land items, to build homes, prepare for battle and forge a tiny empire. Each highly-customizable location acts as the SynergyLand base of operations.

The first Synergian NFTs are up for grabs on January 31, with whitelist members minting at 2pm CET, followed by the public mint at 5pm. Each NFT is purchasable for the grand old price of 2 $SOL + gas. To participate, gamers must load up a Phanton wallet with $SOL tokens, then head over to the official Synergy Land website. Whitelist members can mint a maximum of two NFTs, however, the public mint restricts this number to five per wallet.

Head to the official website >> Here


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