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High flying darling of the Move-to-Earn world, Sweat Economy, has once again sprinted in to shake up the status quo. This time, launching the innovative ‘Sweat Hero’ dynamic NFT game that let’s everyone participate and earn for free!

Unlike other platforms operating within the ever-growing move-to-earn market, Sweat Economy has always dared to be different. Instead of the traditional paywall, where users must purchase a costly NFT to participate, it has always maintained an open-to-all philosophy by leveraging a series of in-app promotions.

Previously, those inclined to the practice of perambular exercise, could download the SweatCoin app, which would record the days movements, and rewards those efforts with a small amount of $SWEAT. Now however, Sweat Economy has taken this initial idea and supercharged it with the introduction of the all-new ‘Sweat Hero’ gaming experience, powered by the innovative application of dynamic NFTs.

Free NFTs for Everyone with the Sweat Hero NFT Game

For its latest outing, Sweat Economy has integrated Sweat Hero into its own bespoke Sweat Wallet. As a result, anyone who wishes to get involved can claim a free NFT, which will then be tied to the days deliberate, or even accidental, exercise.

Once up and running, that NFT will then upgrade and evolve based upon the holders’ daily activities, or, interactions within the Sweat Wallet. While additionally, continuing the ‘SweatCoin’ trend by rewarding walkers with a small amount of $SWEAT coins for willingly braving the elements. What this effectively means for joe public is a gamified NFT experience that will encourage folks far and wide to get off their butts, and go explore the great outdoors.

That’s not all however, as a further gamified element will also let participants swap their hard earned $SWEAT for a purse of Battle Coins. This newly introduced item will then allow users to compete within the app, and will add an extra layer of utility to the $SWEAT token.

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Balanced Tokenomics Make Sweat Economy Go Around

In order to maintain a sustainable platform and create equilibrium within the ecosystem, Sweat Economy has taken innovative steps in order to balance its tokenomics. This includes creating a token-sink, that will see more $SWEAT added the more players get involved, and the introduction of extended utility for the token.

So, as Sweat Hero strides in with a new way to engage with the Move-to-Earn market, Sweat Economy has turned the industry on its head by removing NFT scarcity, disposing of the ‘pay-to-earn’ model, and giving free dynamic NFTs to everyone!

Find out more about Sweat Hero and its dynamic NFTs >> Here

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