Supremacy brings a sustainable component to the P2E landscape

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A new metaverse gaming platform is providing gamers with a more equitable slice of the metaverse pie. Launching on February 22nd, Supremacy is introducing a circular economy that helps gaming tokens retain their value over the long term.

With watch-to-earn and play-to-earn options, players can reap the rewards of in-game economic simulation. Additionally supremacy is using blockchain technology to push the boundaries of how far game worlds may interact with the real world.


What is Supremacy?

Supremacy is a metaverse-enabled battle game set in the year 2149 on Earth. It is made up of several game platforms that imitate various aspects of the metaverse. Moreover players can watch conflicts unfold in real time, strategize, buy and trade resources, and participate in real-time battles. In addition a wide range of gamers can enjoy the games, including roleplayers, spreadsheet nerds, strategy masterminds, and gaming generalists.

Why is the Supremacy economy good for gamers?

Supremacy offers participants a complex economic opportunity that mimics the motions of a decentralized market economy. SUPS benefits from a circular flow paradigm. As opposed to the traditional ‘mint and burn’ approach of token supply and high inflation token payouts.

The game largely uses algorithms to imitate economic principles. That is, the Supremacy metaverse operates as a healthy economy that constantly monitors and adjusts several economic indices, such as current token supply, price inflation, and the supply and demand of resources, products, and services, as needed.

Public token presale announced

Last December, Ninja Syndicate announced the Supremacy gaming platform to the Australian crypto community. Moreover Battle Arena, the first game in the Supremacy metaverse, is the start of the global rollout.


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