SuperF3st Announces Exclusive Superpass Mint – NFT Plazas

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With fall at our doorstep, summer festivals around the world are winding to a halt and bowing out for 2022. But what if festival culture wasn’t relegated to just the summer months? What if you could keep the party going 365 days a year?

Well, thanks to Superf3st, a global festival community, you can do just this. The community has just announced the minting of its Superpass NFTs that allow holders to be both festival founders and enjoy a ton of perks.

What is Superf3st?

Superf3st was created by the same people who founded the iconic Superfly project (behind such festivals as Bonnaroo and Outside Lands) in partnership with and Velvet Sea Ventures.

Superf3st is a digital community that puts attendees in the driver’s seat of festival operations, allowing them to influence what they want to see and how.

Superf3st is our attempt to once again push the festival world forward by creating a truly decentralized event — one that is inspired by and built by the community,” the official Superf3st site says. 

The Founders’ Mint

The community consists of 3,333 artists, fans, and music experts, and just recently announced the minting of its Superpass NFTs. By holding one of these NFTs, community members will be counted as ‘founders’ of Superf3st and as such, there are only 3,000 NFTs available for minting at a price of 0.3 ETH. The remaining 333 NFTs have been reserved for industry professionals.

This will be the only ‘founders’ mint that Superf3st will ever hold and once a user joins the community, there will be tons of benefits. For example, they will have access to over 80 industry professionals they can collaborate with, the chance to have their projects funded by the Superpass treasury, and access to rare art drops.

But most of all, community members will be able to ‘plan’ upcoming real-life experiences. They can submit proposals for what they would like to see at future events around the world and the Superf3st team, which has decades of experience in festival organization, will bring it to life.

Whatever the community crafts, we will execute at the highest level, on par with the dozens of events already under our belt. That means maximum fun and maximum positivity with a focus on safety for all community members,” the team says.

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