Superchief Launch World’s Largest Physical NFT Gallery

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Superchief Gallery, the creators of the world’s first physical NFT gallery, have announced the soft launch of a new NFT gallery situated in LA. The gallery will become the company’s third physical NFT gallery, and will reportedly be the largest physical NFT gallery in the world.

To debut the new gallery, Superchief have teamed up with NFT platform Whim. The partnership will host two limited-capacity NFT exhibitions, with the first being an ‘Opening NFT Showcase’  on January 20th, which will feature artwork from a long list of independent creators.

Dust from the opening exhibition will have no time to settle, as futurist and Extinction Rebellion artist ‘Sutu Eats Flies’ will take centre stage on the following day as they host a solo NFT exhibition. The exhibition will be centred around the artist’s latest collection, ‘Choose Your Player’, which features 32 animated digital avatars that follow the rapidly growing profile picture NFT model. Throughout the days preceding his solo exhibition (17th-20th) ‘Sutu Eats Flies’ is also dropping daily releases of NFT artwork from the collection, which can be purchased using $XTZ.

It is important to note that those wanting to attend either of the Superchief NFT Gallery LA launch events will have to join the Superchief Discord in order to gain an entry ticket.

Superchief Gallery are no strangers to the independent art gallery scene, having been established as an underground art gallery for over 10 years, whilst also having galleries in New York, Miami, and now Los Angeles. In March 2021, the hybrid-modelled gallery launched its NFT branch ‘SuperchiefNFT,’ where a section of their New York gallery became the world’s first physical NFT gallery.

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