Sunflower Farmers Tears up the Polygon Network

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Layer 2 solution, Polygon, has run into a spot of bother in the shape of Sunflower Farmers. Crypto-based botany is apparently so popular that it has slowed down transaction speeds and sent gas fees spiralling upwards.

Over recent weeks, the uptake on the platform has been nothing short of phenomenal. Outperforming any other game on the market and amassing a grand total of 357k active users. This, coupled with its transaction-heavy gameplay, has put a strain on Polygon’s usually reliable infrastructure. So much so, that several fellow dApps have postponed launches because of it.

Hi, Doublers!

Due to the congestion and dramatic increase in the gas fee of Polygon Network, we have to delay the release of our Alpha Pass initially scheduled for today.

We will announce the new timeframe within 24 hours.

Please stay tuned.


— Double Protocol (@DoubleProtocol) January 5, 2022

All of this will come as alarming news to the wider crypto world as a huge raft of massively anticipated games are preparing to launch on the network. If the likes of Ember Sword and Galaxy Fight Club would launch alongside Sunflower Farmers, then it could potentially spell disaster. Despite all of this, with fees currently maxing out at 700 GWEI, they still pale in comparison to those of the Ethereum Network. However, Polygon will need to get busy if it wants to avoid the inevitable slowdown.

Sunflower Farmers is exactly what it says on the tin. Players must grow and harvest sunflowers in order to reap crypto rewards. However, due to the shaky crypto market, the native token, $SFF, has dropped from the dizzy $5 heights of last week, to $1 as of writing.


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