SuburbanColors Offers Cyberpunk Dystopia, NFTs and P2E Gaming

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Anyone looking to add a little more cyberpunk dystopia into their lives need not look any further, SuburbanColors is here to fill the void. 2,199 generative cyborgs have arrived on the blockchain to bring balance to the future of planet earth.

In the distant year of 2199 the world has gone a little apocalyptic. Humans had previously underestimated their AI creations, who then rose up to hunt down their pathetic quarry. The remnants of these former surface dwellers were driven underground and forced to live in hiding. However, learning to use the technology to their advantage, they began to augment their bodies with cybernetics, pitting cyborgs against their robotic overlords. Slowly, the tide began to turn.

Now, three distinct species inhabit this futuristic dystopia, the Humans, the Robots, and the Cyborgs. In the world of SuburbanColors, they are represented by NFTs of extraordinary quality. The first species, the Cyborgs have landed, rendered in all their stylish 2D animated glory.

1641928027 Suburban2 1

The Initial Drop

The first 2,199 NFTs have already arrived on the blockchain and are available for minting right now via the SuburbanColors website. Fans can acquire one for 0.03 ETH apiece, at a maximum of 3 units per wallet. Each meticulously designed and unique NFT represents a character generated from a range of 150 pre-programmed traits.

Furthermore, the team in charge are offering extra incredible incentives to help move the project forward, such as commission payments for marketing the project as part of its “affiliate programme.”

Join the SuburbanColors Affiliate Program and earn exciting commissions marketing with us.
Contact us for more info.

— SuburbanColors (@suburbancolors) December 27, 2021

The Roadmap

Throughout the evolution of the SuburbanColors ecosystem, a whole number of additional perks will become available. The first of which, is the creation of the Hidden Network, an exclusive space for community members to hang out. In addition, anyone holding two NFTs from the collection will become eligible to receive a 3D rendering file of the character, thus allowing owners to print a 3D copy of their prized asset. Owners of three or more characters will also have the opportunity to claim a handmade NFT artwork.

Furthermore, a number of amazing giveaways will take place, providing owners with a chance to win both ETH and NFT prizes. Following the sale of the entire collection, SuburbanColors will begin to implement a staking and liquidity pool mechanic into the platform. However, the major draw for the collection will come in the form of game development.

1641928030 Suburban3

The Game & The Team

Once the collection is fully operational, SuburbanColors will begin development of their game, wherein players can compete in a play-to-earn frenzy and earn crypto rewards. Owners of NFTs will consequently be able to redeem their digital assets for in-game characters and then battle in a multiplayer, PVP and PVE arena.

Players must navigate a post-apocalyptic wasteland utilizing the resources they find along the way. Then pit their wits in a fast-paced strategic conflict that could determine the future of the world itself.

The folks in charge represent a solid group of avid gamers, programmers and fantasy aficionados. With full transparency provided, including links to their official bios and a strong presence in the NFT community.

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