Studio 54 Music Launches NFT Project Based On Iconic Nightclub

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Studio 54 is one of the most iconic brands in music. As the storied nightclub-turned Broadway theater launched its own record label, Studio 54 Music, back in 2020, the imprint has now begun branching out into the NFT space.

Today, Studio 54 Music launches Pixel 54 – a multi-drop NFT campaign offering a video game-inspired experience that recreates the inside of the iconic nightclub during its 70s and 80s heyday. The auction for the campaign’s genesis NFT, “Studio 54 Entrance,” goes live on SuperRare today, featuring visuals from pixel artist Victor Athayde, and music from label artists Jitwam & TEYMORI.

“The video game follows the journey of Jitwam, TEYMORI, and Folamour (a collaborator on the A-side single of this track, ‘Sun After Rain’), who are on a journey in New York City to help eachother out by finding ways to gain positive energy.”

Studio 54 Music via Press Release

For years, Studio 54 was a legendary melting pot of culture. As one of the premier spaces to celebrate music and art, Studio 54 Music’s entrance into the NFT space is a continuation of the celebrated brand’s multi-generational legacy.

A percentage of proceeds from the sale of Pixel 54’s “Studio 54 Entrance” will benefit Sound Mind Live – a charity focused on ending the stigma that surrounds mental health and mental illness through the power of music. As Jitwam & TEYMORI’s track “Help Yo Self” speaks to self-love and self-help, the song provides a perfect soundtrack to the genesis piece from the Pixel54 campaign.

1642580103 Studio 54 Entrance
PIXEL54 Studio 54 Entrance NFT

“Studio 54 Entrance” also acts as the catalyst to three subsequent auctions set to go live on each consecutive Friday through October 15. The culmination of all four drops will be a full music video for Jitwam & TEYMORI’s “Help Yo Self.”

For more information on the campaign and to collect their genesis NFT, visit the official Studio 54 Music SupeRare page here.


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