Student Makes $1 Million From Selling Selfie NFTs

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A 22 year old named Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali has made over $1 million by selling selfies of himself as NFTs on OpenSea. The Indonesian college student sold nearly 1000 of his daily taken selfies which were originally used as a way to look back on his graduation journey between the ages of 18 to 22.

Ghozali, who goes under the name ‘Ghozali Everyday’ on OpenSea, listed over 900 NFTs on the marketplace in December, all of which being a photo of himself either stood or sat at his computer. The NFTs were also supplemented with a brief piece of background information, which retrospectively, increased their sense of rarity.

Without expecting to attract any serious buyers, the computer science student set the price of each NFT to a humble $3, whilst also posting this message to go alongside the listings: “You can do anything like flipping or whatever but please don’t abuse my photos or my parents will be very disappointed in me. I believe in you guys so please take care of my photos.”

However, Ghozali was wrong in thinking that his efforts were done in vain, as his NFT offerings began blowing up as prominent Crypto Twitter names started making purchases and marketing the collection. Interest from the likes of crypto enthusiast Arnold Poernomo was seen, as they put a tweet out to their two million followers saying: “Ghozali happened… the year of Ghozali.”

The collection’s total trade volume amassed a huge 317 ETH (just over $1 million), with some individual NFTs reportedly selling for 0.9 ETH (roughly $3000). Subsequently, Ghozali’s unexpected pay day led to him making his first ever tax payment.

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