Starbucks to Build Web3 Community Powered by NFT Collectibles

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Master of oversized mediocre coffee, Starbucks, has divulged further information with regards to its nonfungible ambitions, revealing it will embark on a journey of loyalty bonuses using the remarkable Web3 technology.

The omni-present global caffeine merchant plans to add value to its brand by introducing NFTs into the equation. Each of which, will provide access to an exclusive coffee-centric global Web3 community. Therefore, owning such an item will qualify members for unique perks and experiences.

JUST IN: Starbucks has announced plans to create a series of branded #NFT collections.

— Watcher.Guru (@WatcherGuru) May 4, 2022

Starbucks expects to launch its first set of NFTs later in the year through an as yet unspecified Web3 partner, each featuring designs drawn from the company’s rich history as well as a number of collaboration projects. These non-fungible tokens will then form the backbone of a wider blockchain initiative which loosely speaking, will result in an entire Starbuck’s metaverse.

Therefore, utilizing the concept of digital ownership, the coffee magnate will look to expand its horizons, kindly providing a magical world for those wide-eyed folks who just consumed a litre of the black stuff. Perhaps resulting in a chaotic society of millions of interconnected individuals with far too much energy, and not enough sleep.

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