Star Atlas Fans Get a Taste of Land Ownership – NFT Plazas

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Star Atlas, the gaming Metaverse based on Solana, has announced the launch of its Central Space Station Land Sale. This will allow its users to access not only virtual land but also resources that will provide utility within the game. 

As the official Twitter thread announcing the sale says, users can choose from 18 land types featuring 3 factions and 6 tiers. Each ranging from humble storage and crafting units to towering edifices that dominate the surrounding landscape. 

The Central Space Station Land Sale is here, and there are a whole 18 land types to choose from!

3 Factions. 6 Tiers. Which one will be yours?

— Star Atlas (@staratlas) December 22, 2022

The Different Land Tiers

Bottom of the pile, the base tier comes with just enough resources to develop within the game such as cargo storage, a crafting station, and so on. Then, Tier 1 will come with all the benefits of the base tier but also offers a Calico Scud ship to allow the player to explore the space as well as a stand-alone unit. 

Those who pay for the third tier will enjoy all the benefits of the previous ones and will also receive the Calico Scud and the Calico Maxho, two new ships. Tier 4 will come with these ships as well as an Ogrika Niruch and a separate house for their pets.

Sitting at the top, tier 5 boasts access to an Opal Rayfam, which represents one of the most glamorous residents within the ecosystem. Consequently, this final tier takes things to the next level with access to a Fimbul Mamba EX, a palace-like residence that can play host to parties and other private events.

Find out about the Star Atlas playable demo >> Here

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