Star Atlas Drops Pre-Alpha Demo on the Epic Games Store

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Huge news from the development team behind Solana-based space romp, Star Atlas. The eagerly awaited galactic fantasy title has dropped its very first playable demo via the Epic Games Store.

Star Atlas developer, ATMTA, recently announced Epic Games as its launch partner, kicking off the astounding collaboration by dropping the ‘Star Atlas: Showroom’ demo on its NFT friendly platform and sending proponents of the game into a fit of hysteria in the process.

Through the demo, those with an NFT investment in Star Atlas will get their first taste of the ambitious project, allowing them to explore an interactive 3D environment and view any NFT ships and vehicles held within their wallets, all through the high-res glory of Epic’s very own Unreal Engine 5.

GAME ON 🚀 → @StarAtlas teams up with @EpicGames Store as their launch partner for their highly anticipated, AAA Space Exploration Game!

Epic Games Store is doubling-down on Web3 gaming and continues to work with innovative gaming studios!

Big W for Star Atlas + @solana! 🥳

— Brycent 🚀 (@brycent_) September 29, 2022

Going forward, Star Atlas will continue to add further functionality to its playable demo, hinting at the addition of multiplayer integration, a chat function and flyable ships by the end of the year. Judging by the release, Star Atlas will deploy in piecemeal fashion while the dev team continues to expand its offering.

To add a little community spirit to proceedings, ATMTA has also released an open-source version of its developer tools. Therefore, providing the software required to help other developers integrate their Unreal Engine 5 games on the Solana network.


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