Star Atlas Deploys its SAGE Labs Real-Time 2D Space Game – NFT Plazas

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Deep within the blackness of space, where devils roam, and opportunities lurk at every turn, the mighty Star Atlas has launched SAGE Labs, the latest gamified experience within its vast and bountiful universe.

Through SAGE Labs, lovers of the dark and brooding cosmos can embark on mining and retrieval missions to garner valuable resources. Users can then craft those resources into genuine Star Atlas Loot, including Land and space ship NFTs, and potentially fruitful ‘Golden Tickets’.

The game itself essentially acts as a simplified introduction to the Star Atlas economy, and will stand users in good stead for the launch of the full game. As a result, gamers can utilize the Star Atlas NFT assets contained within their wallets to explore their surroundings and locate useful crafting components.

Once up and running, every action within SAGE Labs will be recorded entirely on the Solana network. Therefore, it will require users to conduct their transactions in either the $SOL or $ATLAS token, depending on the user’s preference.

SAGE Labs is releasing later today!🔥

What is SAGE Labs? Why is it so exciting? How do you play? Let’s get into these questions and more! 👇

🧵 1/6

— Star Atlas (@staratlas) September 21, 2023

Star Atlas Incentivizes SAGE Labs with $1.2m in Prizes

As mentioned before, those playing SAGE Labs can use their resources to craft golden tickets among other things. These golden tickets will then allow gamers to enter an incredible prize draw slated for next month, offering a guaranteed $1.2 worth of rewards!

So, jump into the Star Atlas universe, join one of 3 factions, and get ready to blast off into the new realm of SAGE Labs!

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