Staking and Liquidity Mining Arrive in Wilder World

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Highly immersive “5D” metaverse, Wilder World, is heading into the festive season with a fantastic new update. $WILD staking and liquidity farming is now live on the platform.

Ever since the launch of the native $WILD token, fans have been on tenterhooks waiting for the staking update. Now it is up and running, enabling holders of the coveted coin to earn yield on their $WILD cache of tokens.

Potential stakers have two options going forward. Either stake $WILD directly or, generate liquidity provider (LP) pairs on Uniswap to partake in liquidity farming. Both options require an Ethereum wallet, with Metamask, Wallet Connect, Coinbase, Formatic and Portis, all supported.

Once users have prepared the required funds, they can head over to Wilder World’s bespoke staking portal, connect up the relevant wallet and become a fully-fledged investor in the Wilder World ecosystem. However, as this is an Ethereum-based system, users must make sure to have some ETH funds set aside to cover transaction costs.


🔥 We are ignited to announce that $WILD and Liquidity Pool Token (LP) staking has arrived to Wilder World!

Here’s everything you need to know about our Staking Portal 👇

— Wilder World (@WilderWorld) December 21, 2021

Once committed to the cause, contributors can keep an eye on their assets via the “My Deposits” tab, and are safe in the knowledge that they can unstake their assets at any time while future updates will see more staking options added to the platform.

Visit the Wilder World Staking Portal >> Here

Read the full guide to staking >> Here


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