Ssalmuk Opens Web3 Gaming Platform Worldwide – NFT Plazas

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Due to its worldwide accessibility and decentralized nature, the blockchain has fostered an innate ability to bring together folks from vastly differing cultures, and all walks of life. Effectively, breaking down the normal barriers that prevent businesses and individuals from interacting with their brethren across the globe. So, with this new era of accessibility gathering speed, Korean blockchain game listing hub , Ssalmuk, has opened up its platform to a global audience. It is a historical event because it is first ever blockchain game listing for Korean users.

Based on the existing concept of Ssalmuk, which in Korean means ‘Play and Eat,’ effectively encompassing the ethos of ‘Play to Earn,’ its state-of-the-art platform forms a listing hub for blockchain gaming where users can discover games, leave reviews, discuss tactics, and earn points. As a result, players can currently discover a wide range of blockchain games, and trade their hard-earned points for buying Ssalcons!

The Ssalacons Digital Avatars Collection on Ssalmuk

Forming the backbone of its gaming empire, Ssalmuk has introduced the Ssalcons, avatars that community members can use to represent their digital selves. Of these, 3 core characters will brighten up the Ssalcon ecosystem with their happy-go-lucky personalities and fearless sense of adventure. As a result, members can engage with the project in the guise of one of the following:

  • Kanghari – The energetic and resolute care-giver among the group, who ensures the peace and harmony within the Ssalcons family
  • Chalari – A charismatic pillar of strength that provides solidarity and security to the community
  • Jogonie – Who embodies the rich culture and history of Korea with his traditional ‘satgat’ hat, and ‘buchae’ bamboo fan

Each cute, rice-shaped character will allow fans to engage with the Ssalmuk platform and its community on a deeply personal level, and allow them to unlock a variety of bonus features and content. In essence, they will earn points for their interactions within the Ssalmuk listing platform, with higher-level Ssalcon earning a bigger share of the spoils. Once accumulated, they can then exchange those points for items within the Ssalmuk marketplace.

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Ssalmuk Wades in with a New Blockchain Game Listing Platform

Through its all-new platform, Ssalmuk aims to usher in a new global gaming community where players can share their adventures and discover new Web3 titles. As such, those signing up to the platform can explore 4 distinct areas – game listing, market, forum and events. These areas are broken down as follows:

Game Listing – A place where members can discover, rate and review the latest blockchain games, as well as check the latest coin prices and overall social score

Marketplace – Where users can trade points for Ssalcons!

Forum – A community hub to ask questions, discuss games, and find information

Events Info – A location to find the latest minting and airdrop info, as well as any game specific events taking place

Ssalmuk Reveals Plans to Expand Worldwide

Ssalmuk launched its next-generation platform on July 5 to Korean users via the domain. However, it has already unveiled plans to expand its reach by debuting the English language version, this Autumn.

So, as Asia continues to dominate the casual Web3 gaming market, Ssalmuk has invited fans worldwide to share in the latest innovation in the industry!

Browse the current version of Ssalmuk >> Here

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