Square44 engages in Decentraland’s metaverse

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Touted as the ‘next internet’, hype around the virtual world of the metaverse continues to grow, with costly purchases of online ‘land’. Asian brand consultancy Square44 is among the latest investors.

After establishing a new division and office in the virtually-hosted Decentraland platform. Moreover one of the major movers in the emerging metaverse market. Bangkok-based Asian design and brand consultancy Square44 has become the latest professional services firm to invest in real estate in the metaverse.


Square44’s new division aims to aid other brands with the metaverse and NFT-related projects

For the uninitiated, the metaverse is envisioned as an immersive 3D online realm that crosses over into the real world. Where millions of users from all over the world can connect with one another and commercial enterprises via their avatars. Using virtual and augmented reality technologies.

While the concept may appear absurd to some. Recent investments have demonstrated that the metaverse is being taken seriously by a large portion of big business. The Metaverse Group, a virtual real estate agent and developer, reportedly paid $2.43 million for a “500-square-meter block of land”. Moreover the Hong Kong office of Big Four professional services giant PwC has invested in Sandbox game metaverse real estate.

Despite the fact that the number of organizations clamoring to get in on the action appears to be growing by the day. Square44 claims to be the first brand agency to make the virtual leap. As well as one of the first Thai businesses to invest in space and open an office in the metaverse.

Set up an avatar and navigate to the coordinates 120,-13 on Decentraland if you want to pay a virtual visit to the office.

Square44 says it has developed a roadmap for introducing other brands to the opportunities of the metaverse

Square44 claims that by launching its new virtual firm. It has created a blueprint for introducing other brands to the metaverse’s possibilities. Full or half-day metaverse branding seminars, as well as the development of NFT-related initiatives, will be among its offerings. “Everything related to the metaverse is growing at breakneck pace. And many brands value a first-mover advantage,” says Square44 founder Mathijs Aliet.

“The way brands interact with users in the space will change dramatically – many other opportunities will emerge, but it is very likely that the projects that generate the most interest initially will be focused on helping businesses connect their physical brands with the new version of the digital world,” says the author.

Source: https://metanews.com/square44-engages-in-decentralands-metaverse/

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