Square Enix Partners with the Elixir Games Launcher – NFT Plazas

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Veteran gaming developer, Square Enix, has partnered up with the Elixir games launcher to help spearhead a push to bring Web2 gamers into the Web3 domain. The collaboration highlights the latest efforts by Square Enix as it looks to aggressively invest in the technology it sees as the future of the gaming industry.

Square Enix has been making strides in the NFT space, having already announced its Symbiogenesis NFT game and releasing Final Fantasy 7 NFT cards last month. Despite the initial excitement, the company now faces the challenge of convincing traditional gamers to embrace their new products.

This is where Elixir comes in – a games launcher that recently integrated the EPIC Games store and features both Web2 and Web3 titles. Through this partnership, millions of gamers will have the opportunity to explore high-quality blockchain games through a user-friendly platform, ultimately leading to a simple and seamless gaming experience.

According to Hideaki Uehara, business development director at Square Enix, “This partnership with Elixir Games represents yet another step for Square Enix to explore the promise of web3- decentralized gaming.”

NEWS: Final Fantasy developer @SquareEnix partners with PC gaming platform @elixir_launcher to boost #Web3 game adoption.

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— CoinGecko (@coingecko) April 19, 2023

A Partnership Designed to Spark Mass Adoption

Through the strategic partnership, Elixir will take on the task of marketing and promoting NFT games to traditional gamers who are already fans of other Square Enix projects. However, both partners acknowledge the challenge they face in light of the low uptake of NFT-based games among gamers.

Still, there is reason to be hopeful. According to Carlos Roldan, CEO of Elixir Games, “this partnership brings us closer to web3 gaming mass adoption. Our team is incredibly excited to bring our technology to work, and we foresee Elixir users playing web2 and web3 games alike without distinction. 2023 has already seen more industry leaders enter the space with impactful projects, and we anticipate to see more as the year progresses. We’ve put all efforts to ensure we are ready for scalability.”

Most importantly, the partnership allows Square Enix to solidify its position as a leader in the adoption of Web3 gaming.

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