Square Enix Outlines its Plans for Blockchain Gaming

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Gamers are up in arms once more, as developer, Square Enix, issued an open letter outlining its plans for the blockchain. A cacophony of pseudo-outrage resulted, directed at these new-fangled non-fungibles, perceived by some as the latest devil incarnate.

The letter itself, is penned by Square Enix president, Yosuke Matsuda, and covers a number of blockchain-powered projects the developer is currently investigating. From the potential of a massive gaming metaverse and the NFTs required to populate it, to the possibility of a token-based economy, and play-to-earn gaming mechanics.

The company also drew focus to its AI department, referencing it as an “entertainment” division, which indicates that the future it’s building is more about creating an overall experience than just casual gaming where the expertise gleaned from the AI division will help power a new range of metaverse avatars.

Notably, and conveniently ignored by the multitude of pitchfork wielders is the statement that this new endeavour will sit alongside the current ecosystem. Meaning that going forward, Square Enix will develop both decentralized and centralized projects, and therefore, in all likelihood, leaving platform favourites such as Final Fantasy and NieR unadulterated by the perceived “NFT scourge.”

Read Yosuke Matsuda’s full letter >> Here

Source: https://nftplazas.com/square-enix-blockchain-gaming-plan/

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