Spike Lee to Launch ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ NFTs

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Revered filmmaker Spike Lee has announced that he will be releasing an NFT collection based on his film, ‘She’s Gotta Have It’. The collection has been made in partnership with new age, NFT-powered content incubator ‘The Visible Project,’ who Lee will now serve as a Chairman for, as well as Habitat Labs.

The collection’s 3,945 NFTs will allow fans the chance to own a unique still from the 1986 film, including images of fan-favourite characters such as Mars Blackmon (who was played by Lee himself). In addition to their 35mm cut aesthetic, the NFTs will also feature additional art from Tré Seals and Adrian Franks.

In speaking on the collection, Eliot Greene, of Habitat Labs had this to say: “This revolutionary collection and initiative will bring a tremendous amount of impact for NFTs within ‘traditional’ entertainment. We are forging a new kind of marketplace where collectors will own a piece of classic cinema history and have the opportunity to fund and green light real projects”.

As of now, information surrounding the collection’s mint date, price, and site, remain undisclosed.

The film had already gained mass popularity amongst the most hardcore of Spike Lee fans, especially given that it was his first-ever joint. Perhaps this was reason enough for Lee’s decision to add an NFT component to it, rather than other productions of his.

Source: https://nftplazas.com/spike-lee-to-launch-shes-gotta-have-it-nfts/

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