South Korean City to Offer NFT ‘Citizenship’ – NFT Plazas

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A while ago, it was reported that Seongnam, the 12th most populated city in South Korea, would be creating a metaverse version of itself that would be accessible to the public. 

Now, it has been announced that not only will ‘Metaverse Special City Seongnam‘ be launched in the first half of 2023 but so will its ‘citizenship’.

Seongnam in the Metaverse

According to local reports, the government will also be issuing virtual citizenships for the metaverse city. This citizenship will be issued as NFTs and grants access to the platform and with it, municipal information can also be virtually accessed by anyone. 

The construction of the city will begin next month and service results are expected to come in by April 2023. Once the results are collated and reviewed, the platform is expected to become open to the public from May or June 2023.

The local government is hoping that this metaverse project will appeal to people across generations and will drive community engagement. The metaverse city is also to be used to ‘check the main city administration and policy status in a virtual city using Metaverse technology’. 

This is just one of many government-backed NFT initiatives within Asia. Just recently, NFTs were awarded by the Japanese government to winners of a digitization competition. 


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