Sorare Launch Multi-Functional iOS Mobile App

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After launching a beta version in March, football trading card NFT platform Sorare have released the full version of its iOS mobile app. Through the new app, users will be able to engage with an array of new functions which’ll allow them to compose lineups, track their teams’ progress, claim rewards, and more, right from their very fingertips.

One of the most prominent features of the app is the introduction of ‘Tournament’ and ‘My Teams’ tabs, with the former allowing users to directly join competitions, and the latter allowing users to view, edit, and manage their teams.

Users will also be able to follow and share the detailed progress of their team throughout each ‘Game Week,’ as individual stats for each tournament will be easily accessible from the home screen.

The app also allows users to opt in to receive live updates of key moments that impact their players and teams, with such notifications being personalised for each user (e.g. you can opt in to get notified when a player scores a goal).

After utilising all of these features, app users will then get to engage with the most pivotal of them all, the reward claiming feature. Here, users will be able to claim their hard-earned rewards through an animated, haptic reveal experience, which they can then share with their friends from directly within the app.

Although the app is exclusively available for iPhone users, there is also a cause for Android users to get excited, as Sorare have also announced that an Android beta is currently in development, with its roll-out set to take place sometime in the next few months.



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