Sokin is going to release a complete metaverse ecosystem

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Sokin, a UK-based currency account provider, is soon to launch an e-commerce metaverse environment. They will allow brands and companies to transition from their physical sites to the virtual world.

Sokin’s metaverse world will host a 3D community composed of brands and retailers. Thus, it will allow users to meet, talk, and transact via a mobile app. In April, Sokin released its Sokin Enterprise payment platform, including unlimited payments and currency transfers for a fixed charge.

Vroon Modgill, Sokin’s creator and CEO, stated in the company’s announcement; “Sokin’s metaverse universe will contain multiple brands and businesses that visitors can access, such as a soccer club, entertainment, or fashion brand.”

Furthermore, “we’ve all seen retail promotions in which an avatar models a piece of apparel, but the encounter ends abruptly. We’re closing the sales loop by allowing purchases directly within the metaverse – this is a first-of-its-kind innovation that we’re spearheading to bridge the gap between the metaverse and the physical world “he stated.

Sokin introduced its Global Currency Account in August, allowing customers to save 51% on money transfers and foreign exchange in 38 currencies to over 200 countries and territories for a monthly fee.

The company is available in 32 countries, with over 120,000 registered users and 175,000 on the global waiting list. Moreover, new releases in Brazil, Canada, and India are on the way.

Sokin launched its Sokin Enterprise payment platform in April, allowing businesses to make limitless rapid payments and currency transfers for a set fee. It’s one of numerous business solutions the company is working on for sole proprietors and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

In addition, Rio Ferdinand, a former British soccer player, is a major shareholder in Sokin. Modgill launched the firm in 2019, and it now has ten offices around the world.


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