Snapchat Begins Testing NFTs with AR Functionalities

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As the likes of Twitter and Meta’s array of social media subsidiaries begin testing Web3 features on their platforms, the photo-sharing app Snapchat is now also set to follow suit. 

As expected, the feature will focus on NFTs being integrated into the ‘snaps’ (i.e. photos that are taken in-app) of users, as it will allow them to turn their NFTs into augmented reality (AR) lenses, which can then be superimposed into real-world backgrounds within pictures they take.

Although a release date is still TBA, the new feature may be released as soon as August. That being said, and as with the aforementioned endeavours of other social media platforms, the feature’s launch will most likely begin with a test period for a select number of users. 

With regards to the NFT efforts of other social media powerhouses, Twitter was the first roll out a fully democratized feature, as in March it began allowing all of its users to display their verified NFTs as profile pictures within hexagonal frames. Instagram is also testing out a similar feature, whilst at the time of writing, Facebook is developing plans which’ll see it become a social hub for Web3 ongoings.


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