Slimesunday Partners with Opensea for Highly Creative NFT Collection – NFT Plazas

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High-flying master of the artful collage, Slimesunday, has announced a stunning new NFT collection. Partnering with Opensea to enable the average collector to create their own inspired artworks.

As a result of the mighty collaboration, the enigmatic pairing will launch the ‘SlimeShop’. An exciting project that will provide the components and infrastructure required to effortlessly create a Slimesunday style collage. With the grand scheme arriving via the Opensea marketplace at 2pm EST on September 8.

Through the initiative, collectors can purchase one of 5555 SlimeShop NFT packs via Opensea. Each containing 7 components, made up of 1 background, 1 portrait, 1 border, 2 textures and 2 elements. All arriving in a variety of rarities, which owners can then run through the bespoke editing interface, and create the ultimate composite.

Users can essentially mix and match the NFT components to their heart’s desire, creating any number of layers in whichever order they see fit. Additionally, trading items on Opensea to provide all of the stylistic options possible. But beware, budding creators will need at least one portrait and background in their possession to get building.

Those in possession of a Slimesunday, SSX3LAU, or Slimesunday x Playboy NFT during a snapshot scheduled for 2pm EST on September 5, will also qualify for an additional discount.

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