Skyweaver Goes Live with Hexbound Invasion – NFT Plazas

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Good news for fans of Skyweaver! The Web3 gaming project has gone live with its incredible Hexbound Invasion expansion. Officially confirmed on January 16, 2023, this new update has introduced 50 trading cards to the ecosystem, as well as a host of new features. 

Hexbound Invasion is now live! 🙌

Jump back in the game to discover 50 new cards, a new trait, card backs, our new Skypass & much more! 👀

Learn all the details at 🔗

— Skyweaver (@SkyweaverGame) January 16, 2023

Details About Hexbound Invasion 

Via its supporting documentation, Skyweaver has revealed an all new ability for players called ‘slay’. According to the team, “Slay can be found on both Units and Spells, and triggers when that card damages and destroys an enemy unit during your turn.” Needless to say, this will up the stakes for players. 

The game has also introduced what it calls the Skypass, an asset that players can work towards regardless of whether they win or lose. This pass comes with both free and premium rewards that gamers can unlock, however, the developers have warned that unlocking it fully will release the “accursed Hex Cardback” attached to this digital relic. 

In addition, Skyweaver also launched new trading cards, which it unveiled as part of its creators program from January 5 until the update finally went live. With all these developments delivered to fans at once, Skyweaver has certainly gotten 2023 off to a strong start.

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