Sky Mavis Unveils First 12 Projects Accepted into Builder’s Program

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The scope of Axie Infinity just got a whole lot bigger, as Sky Mavis unveiled the first projects in its builder’s program, resulting in a bright Axie future filled with a bevvy of mini games for NFT holders to get stuck into.

Last January, Sky Mavis announced its first-ever Builder’s Program, an exiting initiative that allows community developers to create games using the Axie Infinity framework. Therefore, unlocking a whole new wave of utility for holders of furry axolotl-shaped non-fungibles.

Since then, the team has received over 2,000 proposals, which they have now whittled down to just 12. As a result, development will steam ahead for a grand selection of fighting, adventure, racing and puzzle games, all remaining loyal to the core Axie ethos and adding a little more charm to the whole ecosystem.

Your Axie NFTs are a ticket to an infinite realm of experiences. Today, we take a major step towards making this a tangible reality.

We’re ecstatic to present the first 12 projects that we’ve accepted into the Axie Builders Program!

— Axie Infinity🦇🔊 (@AxieInfinity) May 31, 2022

Going forward, Sky Mavis is encouraging community members to get involved with the ongoing projects, outlining the many ways that individuals can jump in and lend a hand. Furthermore, the team will look to add to its portfolio of mini games in the future. So, anyone with a grand idea can start building on the Axie framework immediately, while simultaneously increasing their chances of future financial assistance.

Check out the games and see how you can help >> Here


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