Shuffle Shark NFTs Coming from the CryptoSea to Protect the Oceans

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Coming straight from the depths of the CryptoSea and swimming onto the Solana blockchain, is a group of handsome, cool and eccentric sharks. Dubbed “Shuffle Sharks,” the project will use NFTs as a launchpad to protect the world’s marine ecosystem, which is in dire need of conservation.

The Sharks are designed in light muted pastel colours and feature a total of 10,000 unique pixelated designs. Each shark costs 0.66 SOL and comes in a different size, shape, colour, style, and with its own unique attributes. There are also 15 ultra rare Sharks made by hand and completely different in appearance to the rest of the collection, as well as 250 limited-edition Sharks with a companion trait to increase scarcity.

At the centre of the project is the creation of a new metaverse, called CryptoSea, on the Solana blockchain. The Shuffle Sharks are the first identified species to come out of the CryptoSea, with Salty Shrimps arriving in March, and 6 other species arriving later. The CryptoSea is inspired by the Bitcoin holder ranking system, and more collections are added, including Shrimp, Crab, Octopus, Fish, Dolphin, Shark, Whale, and Humpback. While holders of all 8 species qualify for the Grand Finale treasure chest!

1641927006 shufflesharks

The Future of the Shuffle Sharks

Each Shuffle Shark will represent a claimable Salty Shrimp NFT. Which are due to take a dip in the Cryptosea in March 2022. In the meantime, the boffins behind the launch will set to work on building the wider ocean-themed metaverse. An initiative that will involve the purchasing of key virtual land assets in Solana based portals. This grand venue will then feature a Shuffle Shark ecosystem, where members can integrate their marine themed assets, interact with the community, compete in games, and participate in weekly challenges. All involving incredible special guests, amazing airdrops and phenomenal giveaways.

Further down the line, the Shuffle Sharks team will adopt 100 majestic sea beasts. With one lucky owner becoming a certified adoptive shark parent. While, the grandest of all prizes will see Shuffle Shark enthusiasts participate in a lottery to win an exhilarating shark diving trip to South Africa. To this end, each NFT in the collection will represent a set number of lottery tickets. With the rarest sharks receiving the most chances.

The team behind the project is made up of a group of crypto enthusiasts, marketing geeks and blockchain developers. They will use 50% of the proceeds to give back to the community. Half reserved for a buy back and airdrop program, with the rest side-lined for community building.

Future plans will see the creation of a DAO, an online merchandising store with CryptoSea apparel, and the launch of a native token that can be exchanged, traded and spent in the game and online store. Now let’s dive into the CryptoSea!

Mint a Shark >> Here

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