Showtime Pictures enters the metaverse with a new technology

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Showtime Pictures, a large provider of picture concessions at major tourist destinations, has introduced a new technology product aimed at helping attractions diversify their offerings into the metaverse. With its latest stylish service, the inventive company, which recently celebrated its 30th year in operation, is bringing the picture concessions industry to the next level. Customers who use the service may now design their own avatars in seconds, which can be used in the metaverse.

The rapid avatar creation tool is currently being integrated into Showtime Pictures’ hybrid gallery user experience and kiosk platforms.

The metaverse offers the opportunity to manufacture and sell virtual goods in a setting comparable to an online gift store. Thus, it is a whole new revenue generator for attractions in this sector.

All avatars will be able to purchase branded items, addressing the growing interest in virtual property. As well as providing new marketing possibilities to improve brand exposure.

Showtime Pictures is teaming with and Wolf3D to introduce the metaverse to the attraction sector. Thus, using its existing facial recognition and artificial intelligence technology.

“This is the first time in our industry that a picture concession firm is leveraging its photo capture devices to enter the Metaverse,” says Kemal Arin, the company’s CEO. “At every level, we strive for advancement and innovation, as we do in all we do”

“Our Create Your Avatar for the Metaverse offering has received such positive feedback from test markets”. Indeed, “we’ve witnessed over 90% interaction from our visitors. Indeed, it has become a stand-alone event in some of our test areas as a result of its success.”

Furthermore, Showtime Pictures and BrickArt Studios, an innovative and immersive consumer experience for attraction owners, have announced a new partnership.


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