Shooter Pals Offers Frantic Multiplayer Action in the Play-to Earn Arena

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In an alternate reality, across the vast reaches of space, there dwells an alien race for whom ultra-violence is the sincerest form of flattery. A society where a punch to the face is akin to a shake of the hand or a gift of flowers. As a result, they engage in an endless battle, demonstrating compassion through maniacal multiplayer combat. This is the realm of the Shooter Pals.

Represented here, on planet earth, Shooter Pals comes in as a frenzied NFT powered play-to-earn blockchain game running on the gas friendly Polygon network. The project combines the frenzied gameplay of Super Smash Brothers with the unpredictable mayhem of the Worms franchise.

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Gamers set about tackling the opposition in traditional 2D format, collecting weapons and power ups as they go, while receiving additional rewards for racking up kills, kill streaks and unlocking achievements. During the game, successful globules will see their avatarsmorph into giant tank-like versions of themselves, thereby achieving greater firepower and shield capacity, while also representing a larger target.

Existing currently in its closed beta format, the game will eventually expand to encompass a vast free-to- play, play-to-earn gaming empire, where experience is earned and gladiatorial exploits rewarded with delicious coin.

Shooter Pals NFTs

Shooter Pals brings a spot of the non-fungible into the mix in the shape of Pals characters and NFT wearables. Each provides additional benefits to their owners such as enhanced earning power and discounted collectibles. The Shooter Pals “Founders” NFTs are available right now on OpenSea, representing a selection of characters and hats, each of which will provide access to the recently launched closed beta version of the game.

These excellent handcrafted desirables currently exist in a limited run of 2,832 units, featuring 28 different kinds of Pal, and 24 varieties of hat representing three levels of scarcity. These Genesis items however, will be joined at a later date by additional collectibles, while a fourth Mythic category of 1/1 items will make a grand entrance further down the road. Holders can also expect a wider range of incredible wearables, designed to offer a huge range of customization within the game.

Closed Beta & Upcoming Utility Token

Shooter Pals closed beta is already underway, and is currently open to holders of any of the game’s NFTs. Players can pit their mettle on the battle field utilizing a variety of weapons and power ups while earning $CHIPS rewards. These will then manifest themselves as a token airdrop following the public beta phase.

Following the completion of the closed beta phase, Shooter Pals will launch its native utility token, $CHIPS. A platform governing ERC20 token designed to distribute in-game rewards and form the backbone of the Shooter Pals world. Of these tokens, only 1% is reserved for a public sale. While a massive 90% will form the basis of the rewards system.

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Infinity and Beyond

Heading into the future, Shooter Pals will offer a huge number of enhancements, including a bespoke marketplace for trading those NFT valuables. Later releases will also introduce a free-to-play mode, as well as special timed matches where combatants can wager their hard-earned coin on their skill in the battlefield.

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