ShiGGa Shay Drops SPACEBARS NFTs with Accompanying Track

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Singaporean rapper ShiGGa Shay is releasing an exclusive 16-bar track alongside an NFT collection based on artwork from a previous project. The collection, which is dubbed ‘SPACEBARS: PRELUDE,’ will feature different collectible elements that’ll unlock different areas of rewards for his fans.  

SPACEBARS: PRELUDE drops on April 13th and the NFTs will come in nine distinct 3D animated card variations, each with its own tier of rarity. There will be 900 Common, 90 Rare, and 9 Ultra Rare cards, which will each be distributed via ‘Mystery Packs’. Each pack will contain one card, meaning there are 999 packs up for grabs. Each will feature space exploration artwork which is inspired by that of Shay’s 2020 EP ‘365,’ designed by Singaporean street artist EBAO, and its 3D aesthetic rendered by U.S. creative agency Wild Portals. 

The accompanying track features an infusion of NFT and extraterrestrial wordplay, on top of an ethereal beat from UK producer superjdoug, a regular collaborator of Shay’s. To link the melodic piece of art with the collection’s digital artworks, the song and NFTs will be based on three different scenes from Shay’s abstract astronaut journey, with each NFT unlocking four bars of the song.

With this premise in mind, collectors of all three NFT scenes (regardless of rarity) will unlock the full song, which’ll grant them access to redeem an ‘Original Legendary’ NFT featuring the 16-bar track in its entirety. 

In addition, holders of Rare and Ultra Rare cards will be granted access to online listening sessions of unreleased music alongside Shay and his producers, whilst the 9 Ultra Rare holders will also receive a video shout out from the rapper.

In commenting on the collection, the rapper had this to say: “What’s fascinating for me is how NFTs and blockchain technology are going to change the music industry. I’m so excited for the limitless possibilities that are going to happen with music in the NFT space”.

The rapper’s foray into NFTs doesn’t come as a surprise, as he has already proven himself to be an artist at the forefront of music technology, showcased through him being the first Southeast Asian artist to host a virtual concert where audiences were transported to a 360-degree environment, whilst he also performed as an avatar in mixed reality at the opening ceremony of the first-ever Global Esports Games.

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