Shiba Inu enters the metaverse, hopes for an upward trend

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The Shiba Inu crypto-currency announcement on Twitter has stunned its cryptocurrency army by releasing a new “Shiberse” in 2022. Referred to as a “immersive experience” and created for its “environment and Metaverse space.”

This is in addition to its NFT launch and its wild 2021 year, which saw prices skyrocket. It has even received some attention from Elon Musk himself. SHIB is presently trading at 0.00002141 USD, with a market capitalization of about 11.5 billion USD.

With the announcement of the introduction of “Shiberse” in 2022, the Shiba Inu token is entering the Metaverse domain. Shiberse would be the year’s first release for its ever-expanding ecosystem. Shytoshi Kusama, SHIB’s chief developer, has been teasing investors with this development for nearly a week, and the team has finally made it official.

“Shiberse’s visuals are very rich, with detail in every area of the image. The image is nothing short of a piece of beauty, with luscious green leaves, trees, and rocks”.

Optimism within the crypto community.

This statement has sparked excitement in the Shiba Inu community and provided a ray of optimism in the middle of the market turmoil. Social media is awash with posts about the latest SHIB update and how the forthcoming Metaverse will affect token fate.

SHIB is undoubtedly primed for a hot run in 2022, since they have multiple releases planned. The meme-token has reached a tipping point and will continue to grow in the future with new releases.

Shiberse, created by Shiba Inu, is marketed as an immersive experience that allows consumers to escape into the Metaverse. Shiberse also has high-quality, cutting-edge visuals that will make the experience unforgettable. However, additional information regarding Shiberse will be released soon by the SHIB team.

SHIB has always been at the forefront of development, aiming for more real-world applications. Furthermore, the team follows through on its promises and delivers things on time.


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