Sega Teases NFT Integration into Forthcoming ‘Super Game’ Project

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Last year, generation spanning gaming empire, SEGA, teased plans for a new initiative titled ‘Super Game’. Not giving much away however, they then left gaming community to ponder the meaning behind its cryptic message.

Now, they have revealed a little more regarding their grand plans, and it all looks rather promising. According to a recent Japanese press release, ‘Super Game’ will represent a set of interconnected AAA games developed by SEGA and Microsoft. Each including interactive elements that users can transfer within the new gaming sphere.

In order to power this metaverse of interconnectivity, fans have speculated that NFTs will play a core part of making it all possible. Thereby, allowing gamers to move their assets between their favourite titles, opening up a world of gaming opportunities. To back all of this up, SEGA recently filed a number of NFT-related trademarks. A move that would seem in preparation for the ambitious project.

Sega has explained that its triple-A ‘Super Game’ project actually refers to multiple games, and may use cloud tech or NFTs.

— VGC (@VGC_News) April 9, 2022

Furthermore, SEGA Executive Vice President Shuji Utsumi recently vocalized his belief that the evolution of the industry would feature cloud gaming and NFTs. As a result, representing a paradigm shift from traditional interaction into a huge gaming culture.

“Several titles are being developed within the framework of Super Game, and while each title will vary, there is no doubt that they will be interactive titles that go beyond the traditional framework of games.” – Shuji Utsumi – SEGA


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