Secret Buyer Rocks Crypto with $15 Million Purchase

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In what may go down as the ballsiest move in the crypto space, an unknown buyer has purchased the domain name for an incredible $15 million, marking the second largest sale of its kind in history after, which was purchased for $30 million in 2019.

The eyewatering deal came as a result of the combined brokering might of industry titans, and, while the sale and funds were managed by the worlds largest escrow provider, A formidable and entirely neutral financial service that will hold funds from $100 and up until the completion of any deal.

“It was a pleasure to work with all parties involved with, an incredible opportunity for the buyer to acquire a category killer domain and one of, if not the best, possible .com’s in the entire web3 space.”– Matt Holden – Lead Broker,

For the moment, the new owner of has chosen to keep a low profile. However, the updated landing page for the domain indicates close ties with Web3 creator’s platform, DigitalArtists. Whatever happens, for a $15 million outlay on the name alone, it’s safe to say something major is brewing at

The recent purchase of is an acquisition all brokerage platforms would love to be involved in. It has truly been a privilege to have played our part in the deal and to continue to represent a very happy buyer.– Ian Garner – Director


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