Sébastien Borget Teases The Sandbox Mobile Interface – NFT Plazas

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The Sandbox is currently developing the next major evolution of its immersive virtual blockchain world. COO and co-founder, Sébastien Borget, has offered a glimpse of the future with a sneak peak at its upcoming mobile interface.

In the short video, Sébastien has given fans a look at The Sandbox Metaverse optimized for Android and iPhone devices. Effectively, allowing users to access the platform using touch screen controls, with the layout adjusted to suit gaming on the go.

According to The Sandbox co-founder, development currently sits in its WIP (work in progress) phase. However, the team has managed to successfully port the platform onto mobile devices and have the basics running smoothly. Going forwards, The Sandbox’ talented devs will continue tweaking and fine-tuning the update so that users will have the best possible gaming experience when it finally goes live.

📱The Sandbox franchise originally started as a mobile game in 2011, so I wanted to share a #WIP teaser of our team progress — it’s now running on iPhone and Android💪

🎮 You can play with your Avatar, access your NFT Equipments, visit Creators LANDS and complete Quests to earn… pic.twitter.com/YpEFsg6KRf

— Sebastien 🏞 (@borgetsebastien) August 14, 2023

The Sandbox Mobile Interface to Enable Earning on the Go

Based on the information so far, The Sandbox for mobile devices will offer all of the core aspects of its Metaverse. As a result, users will gain the ability to use their player avatar through their mobile device, as well as access equipment, creator LANDS, and above all, complete quests to earn a share in glorious SAND!

The latest big reveal comes hot of the back of The Sandbox’ pledge to begin rolling out custom user experiences this Autumn. As a result, the platform inches ever closer to the full and immersive world that it has always promised!

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