School of Data Science Integrates HEN into its Cryptovoxels Gallery

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In a supreme display of interoperability, the School of Data Science in Cryptovoxels has integrated the HEN marketplace into its gallery. Now, users can set a few parameters, and then view the results throughout the venue.

The process is as simple as it is elegant. Just head to the basement, interact with the intuitive interface, then hit the big red button. Lovers of fine art can whittle down the collection based on age, price, edition size and tags. Then marvel at the results of their own curated art show.

1641924186 Interface

This fine example of Cryptovoxels ingenuity is the brainchild of Ricky Esclapon, and helped along by master builder, Pointshark. Together they have created a colonial style mansion replete with clock face and wine cellar, designed to house the finest artworks in the metaverse.

The HEN integration is just the first step in the gallery’s grand scheme of marketplace interoperability. To this end, plans are in motion to add further trading platforms into the mix, selectable from the main interface. Next up is FXhash, coming in the near future, albeit with a simpler set of selection options, while future development will see a raft of NFT analytic tools arriving in the School of Data Science.

Check it out >> Here


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