Samsung Unpack 2022 was held in the metaverse, despite several issues

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In the first 11 hours since its premiere at 13:37 UTC on Wednesday, more than 100,000 users have visited “Samsung Unpacked 2022: The Epic Standard of Smartphone Experiences,” making it one of Decentraland’s most popular metaverse places.

In the Samsung 837X space, the South Korean multinational electronics manufacturer displayed the new Galaxy S22 series. Including the Galaxy S22, the S22 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra on a display.

Fans of the metaverse could watch the event live on Samsung’s YouTube page and other social media sites.

Users could hypothetically pre-order the new devices by visiting Samsung’s website and clicking on an icon. However, many people expressed their dissatisfaction on Samsung’s Twitter account.

“I can’t even put my item in the cart because the site crashed” one person inquired. Another person commented that they had experienced the same thing. “Scalpers and bots are attempting to steal the show,” they continued.

Others complained about not being able to obtain the non-fungible badge awarded for completing the “Turning Red Hearts Green” event scavenger hunt. The “quest” will last five days, from Monday through Friday.

“Users should receive a heart-shaped emblem in exchange for planting the seed. They must return on Valentine’s Day to swap the badge for a “exclusive new wearable” to obtain the genuine present.

Despite the technical difficulties, it appears that users were delighted with Samsung’s attention on the environment and readiness to embrace a new technology.

“Many people believe that the metaverse separates us from nature, but this challenge illustrates the exact opposite.”

On the other hand, some members of the mainstream media who covered the event were unimpressed. Cnet went on to say that it was “an example of what not to do when utilizing the Metaverse to host a product launch,” and that it was “an example of what not to do when using the Metaverse to host a product launch.”


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