Sailing the OpenSea: The Jims, Spanky & Friends, LinksDAO & More

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Ahoy and GM, weary traveler.

Traversing the vast expanse of the world’s largest NFT marketplace has become a bit daunting, hasn’t it?

Well fret not. I’ve been venturing far and wide with the simple goal of unearthing the most innovative and awe-inspiring NFT projects out there!

In this weekly column, I’ll share all sorts of discoveries with you — big, small, new and old. So all aboard the S.S. WAGMI to marvel at what I’ve found whilst Sailing the OpenSea 

The Jims

Mint starts in 24 hours 8p UTC, 3p EST
2048 supply, 512 reserved for holders of: 1k $PRINTS, 500 $RAW, @AvidLines, @nounsdao, @autoglyphs, ToadzBuilders

1 per wallet for reserved sale, unlimited for public sale

Public sale 30m after reserved sale @ 8:30p UTC
Jims price: 0.069Ξ

— The Jims (@_thejims) January 11, 2022

The Jims is a new PFP collection that embodies the spirit of Gremplin and legendary mathematician Jim Simons. These 2,048 NFTs are quite possibly the next best thing to owning a CrypToad!

At first glance, The Jims may seem like any other CrypToadz derivative, but this collection was actually created by Gremplin himself in collaboration with FingerprintsDAO. Having launched on Jan. 12, these Jims seem yet to reach their full potential with the current collection floor sitting at 0.28 ETH.

Spanky & Friends

Oh and wait…


Edition of #100.
Tomorrow (After 1/1 auction closes)

— Super Freak (@5uperfreak) January 8, 2022

Spanky & Friends is the latest edition collection from rising crypto-artist Super Freak. At 100 strong, these identical NFTs depict the beloved character Spanky, and each act as a key to Super Freak’s forthcoming metaverse community, the Superverse.

Having sold out quickly, Spanky & Friends has already attracted a decent amount of attention within the NFT space — even onboarding FaZe Banks into the community. As these NFTs will grant owners access to exclusive collector rewards down the line, the current floor has reached 3 ETH.


iykyk ⛳️🚀

— LinksDAO (@LinksDAO) December 29, 2021

LinksDAO is the genesis NFT drop from recently launched golf & leisure club LinksDAO. The OpenSea collection is comprised of 9,090 NFTs, split into two tiers: Leisure and Global.

Although the supply may be akin to that of a large-scale PFP project, LinksDAO NFTs are essentially membership passes to a global community of thousands of golf enthusiasts that are crowdfunding the acquisition of a physical club and course. With 6,363 total Leisure Membership passes and 2,727 Global Membership passes in circulation, the current LinksDAO NFT floor has reached 0.67 ETH.

Tiny Ghost Genesis

Public mint is now live!!!!

— Bimtoy (@OriginalBimtoy) January 14, 2022

Tiny Ghost Genesis is a new collectibles project launched by Reis O’Brien in collaboration with NFT platform Genetic Chain. At 666 NFTs strong, Tiny Ghost has the feel of a large-scale avatar project, with a hand-crafted, small-batch aesthetic.

With a considerably low supply, these adorable ghosts sold out incredibly quickly. Now only available via OpenSea secondaries, Tiny Ghosts Genesis’ NFTs have still yet to be revealed, making the 0.24 ETH floor ripe for the picking.


G.E.M.M.A. is getting ready for her close up…

— Tristan Eaton (@tristaneaton) December 12, 2021

G.E.M.M.A. is the second-ever NFT collection from acclaimed multimedia artist Tristan Eaton. Featuring 5,000 generative NFTs, Eaton has effortlessly sized down his unique, large-scale pieces for this large-scale PFP project.

G.E.M.M.A. (Generative Electronic Museum of Metaverse Art), is an endeavor that Easton built out of years of painting some of the most prominent and visually striking murals in the world. Featuring a wide variety of traits, G.E.M.M.A. sold out quickly and has now reached a current floor of 0.123 ETH.


Chimera is the first @artblocks_io Curated of 2022 & kicks off Series 6 Monday 10AM PT!

1) I’ve always loved still life. In creating Chimera I sought to bring a centuries-old tradition into the new medium of on-chain generative art for the first time.

— mpkoz (@mpkoz) January 9, 2022

Chimera is an interactive 3D NFT project from generative artist mpkoz. As the latest offering from the Art Blocks Curated platform, the Chimera collection houses 987 pieces.

Coming as the first Art Blocks Curated project to be released in 2022, Chimera sets a high standard for the future of the platform. In combining still life painting with on-chain generative art, mpkoz has created a beautiful collection of visually striking pieces that can be interacted with on the blockchain. The current collection floor is 1.79 ETH.


look how beautiful they are 🥲 🥲 🥲
Only 2600/8000 minted 👀

— HPPRS | 56% Minted (@HPPRSNFT) January 2, 2022

HPPRS is the first generative project from rising 3D artist SHAKKABLOOD. Grown from his immaculate 1/1 HOPPER series, HPPRS has a total possible supply of 8,000 NFTs, with a decent amount still yet to be minted.

Considering the level of detail that SHAKKABLOOD achieved with this generative collection, it’s truly a surprise that there are only currently about 3,400 HPPRS available on OpenSea. And while the OS floor currently sits at 0.072 ETH, a freshly minted HPPR only costs 0.1 ETH.


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