Rumble Kong League NFT Holders Get First Taste of Club Ownership

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Basketball hedonists get ready to shoot some hoops with the Rumble Kong League. Now, dribbling its way to the very first round of RKL club auctions with a chance to become a Web3 sporting magnate.

Hoist up the banners, and roll out the cheerleaders, the time is nigh for building that ape-based basketball empire. As a result, owners of the RKL genesis NFTs can participate in a magnificent 24 hour modified Dutch auction. The fruits of which will result in ownership of an entire sporting team franchise. So, buckle up, and head to the RKL website at 12pm ET on April 27 and get a slice of the action.

With the highly anticipated RKL Clubs auction rapidly approaching this Wednesday, April 27th at 12PM ET, the appetite for information on the specifics of the auction is next level. 🦍

We’ve created this in-depth article explaining how it will all work.🏀

— Rumble Kong League (@RumbleKongs) April 26, 2022

In this first round, NFT holders will compete to win one of 45 NFT club mint passes. A grand auction where the minimum winning bid will set the price for the entire round. Each holder must bid a minimum of the current RKL floor price, currently 1.299 ETH ($3,696). Then the highest 45 participants will win one of the coveted passes, with that 45th placed bidder setting the eventual price for all. During the 48-hour event, RKL will hold all ETH in situ until the end of the event. After which, it will refund all excess and losing funds to their rightful owners. A foolproof plan that couldn’t possibly go wrong.

NFT clubs represent the next phase of the RKL sporting empire, which will exist as fully owned independent entities. In which owners can hire players, design logos and introduce sporting attire. All in all, only 300 will ever exist, with the first 45 dropping imminently.

Head to the RKL website >> Here

Pick up a Kong to qualify for bidding >> Here


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