Ross Goodwin Performs AI Poetry at Metaverse Art Week

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Decentraland recently hosted its third Metaverse Art Week, which saw top digital artists display their best work and even saw participation from beauty brand Estee Lauder. Throughout the week-long affair, all sorts of art mediums were used to show technological advancements and human creativity. 

One of these came from Ross Goodwin, a renowned writer and data scientist. In a space hosted by Artnet, Goodwin performed a generative AI poetry piece titled “I lie in the desert because the desert lies”, which was done in collaboration with Metapoet Sasha Stiles.

AI Poetry

Generative AI poetry, as the name suggests, leverages AI to create poetry lines. Usually, the poet provides a single line, word, or even an image and the AI takes it from there. The AI, in this case, was designed by Goodwin and given words by the Decentraland team and the result was performed in the metaverse by an avatar of Ross. 

SOUND ON 🔊 Such a magical experience hearing #RossGoodwin at the @artnet space doing live AI poetry! We fed with keywords an AI machine that Ross built and this was the final result: ” I lie in the desert because the desert lies” @sashastiles@theVERSEverse 👏👏👏

— Shibu (@martinshibuya) August 24, 2022

Given the warm reception that that performance received, it is safe to say we’ll be seeing more generative AI poetry at future art weeks and across the internet in general.


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